Foreign Property


Do you own foreign property that you are renting out or looking to sell? Despite it being located outside the U.S., it still must be reporting on your U.S. tax return as long as you are considered a U.S. person by the IRS for tax purposes.

Foreign Property

Foreign Rental Property

Renting out property you own outside of the U.S. still must be reported to the IRS on your yearly U.S. tax return (as long as you are considered a U.S. person for tax purposes by the IRS).  Income and expenses must be reported in U.S. dollars, and depreciation must be taken on the assets.  You are also most likely required to report the rental to the tax agency of the country the property is located in.  If there are any taxes owing in the foreign country, they can be used to offset any taxes calculated in the United States.

Sale of Foreign Property

If the time has come to finally sell the investment property you have been holding overseas, you should be aware that the sale still needs to be reported to the IRS on your yearly tax return in U.S. dollars.  Even if there wasn’t a gain on the sale in the foreign country.  As with most all foreign income, if there is foreign tax paid on the gain of the sale of the property, it can be used to offset any U.S. taxes that might be owing.

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