Direct Deposit Your Refund To Receive It Faster

Direct Deposit Your Refund To Receive It Faster

Taxpayers can get faster tax refunds with Direct Deposit

80 percent of filers who choose Direct Deposit to get their tax refund faster. Are you one of them?

Direct Deposit into a bank or other account is a secure option. It avoids the possibility of lost, stolen or undeliverable refund checks. The IRS uses the same system to deposit tax refunds that Social Security and Veterans Affairs use to deposit 98 percent of benefits into millions of accounts.

Choosing Direct Deposit is easy when electronically filing. A taxpayer – or their tax preparer – simply selects it as the refund method in their tax software and enters account and routing numbers. Paper filers should follow the instructions on their tax form. With either method, double check entries to avoid errors.

Direct Deposit also saves taxpayer money. It costs the IRS more than $1 to issue a paper refund check, but only a dime for each direct deposit.

E-file Plus Direct Deposit Yields Fastest Refunds

The IRS urges taxpayers to file electronically. While a person can choose Direct Deposit no matter how they file, e-filers will typically see their refund in fewer than 21 days.  E-filing vastly reduces tax return mistakes, as the tax software does the calculations, flags common errors and prompts taxpayers for missing information.

Split Refunds

A taxpayer can deposit their full tax refund into one account or split the refund into two or three financial accounts, including a bank or Individual Retirement Account. Part of the refund can even be used to purchase up to $5,000 in U.S. Series I Savings Bonds.

When filing electronically, a taxpayer can split their refund by using the process outlined in the tax software. Those filing a paper return split a refund by using IRS Form 8888, Allocation of Refund (including Savings Bond Purchases).

The IRS reminds taxpayers they should only deposit tax refunds directly into accounts that are in their name, their spouse’s name or both if it’s a joint account. No more than three electronic tax refunds can be deposited into a single financial account or prepaid debit card. Taxpayers who exceed the limit will receive an IRS notice.

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