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Due to events surrounding COVID 19 I will not be able to continue providing tax services going forward.  

Are you on assignment outside the United States? Or perhaps you own a business in a foreign country? Maybe you moved to the U.S. for work and left assets abroad? You could even be a U.S. non-resident that worked temporarily in the U.S. before returning to your home country. 

U.S. reporting of international tax issues can be quite complex, and Horizon Expat Tax is here to assist with your annual tax filings.

At Horizon Expat Tax we are happy to provide the following quality services:

  • U.S. taxes for taxpayers worldwide
  • U.S. Tax services for individuals immigrating to the U.S.
  • Tax preparation and advisory for U.S. non-residents with U.S. reporting requirements (temporary U.S. work, U.S. rental property, etc)
  • Small business tax compliance, advisory, and bookkeeping services


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“Thank you so much for making filing the least stressful it has ever been. This is the first year that I have felt comfortable, in good hands and heard with all my questions. I am so appreciative and grateful!”


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